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People who create Urban Dictionary entries for the sole purpose of attempting to defend whatever pathetic social clique they obediently follow like sheep, and/or bashing the opposite of their group (hippie-emo, grunge rocker-prep) only because it is that opposite. Most entries are poorly worded and contain bad enough grammar to make you actually want to hunt down the author and cut off his/her hands for the only purpose of making sure they're never able to express their ideas on the internet.
That UB-Moron just can't deal with the fact that no one likes emos, skaters, preppy kids, jocks, sluts, blacks, whites, asians, east coasters, west coasters, rappers, rockers, douchebags, popular kids, rich kids, poor kids, kids with an average amount of money, single kids, dating kids, nerds, cheerleaders, blonds, brunets, smokers, band geeks, or kids from certain areas as much as they do or do not.
by pattyfleisch April 16, 2009
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