it's an abbreviation for Ubiquitous Korean International / Idol Super Star. This is a Korean group which composed of 7 members.
I love U-KISS.
U-KISS will be performing now.
U-KISS is one of my favorite kpop groups.
by Rina Lee October 10, 2010
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a korean 7 member male band that consists of Kibum Kim, Kevin Woo, Dongho Shin, Alexander Lee Eusebio, Kiseop Lee, Eli Kim, and Soohyun Shin.

Acronym for Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Stars.

Kevin Woo is the most feminine with a high pitched voice, but is very attractive.
Kibum Kim is attractive and funny, and hott.
Dongho Shin is adorable and reminds people of a bunny.
Alexander Lee Eusebio can speak 7 different languages, and he prefers to be called Xander.
Kiseop Lee is an Ulzzang, so he's good looking.
Eli Kim is a pigeon.
Soohyun Shin is the power vocal of the group, and is less attractive than the others in the group.
Lindsay: hey, what are you listening to?
Mary-Claire: U-KISS, duh!

Lindsay: hey, i thought you said this was an all guys group?
Mary-Claire: it is, that high pitched voice was Kevin, my bias.

Mary-Claire: i like kevin more....

Lindsay: awwww, look at that adorable bunny!
Mary-Claire: ITS DONGHO!!!!!

Mary-Claire: Xander's my idol because he speaks 7 languages.

Lindsay: That guy's attractive!!!
Mary-Claire: OH, that's Kiseop. He's an Ulzzang.

Lindsay: ew. look at that guy over there..
Mary-Claire: oh, that Eli.. Yes.. he does look like a pigeon.

Lindsay: ew. that guy isnt very attractive....
Mary-Claire: thats Soohyun.....
by WOOOKIIIM January 19, 2011
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