He is a cool kid who has a HOT ASS SISTER I MEAN SHE IS FUCKING MY DREAM GIRL I WOULD DO SOME WEIRD SHIT WITH HER.... Other than that he’s smart and helps me out in math
by That one kid in math April 08, 2018
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Tysun is a space cowboy that rides around Texas on his robot horse like a total badass. He’s handsome and charms everyone he meets. When times are hard you want him in your life. He gives no fucks and hates self centered motherfuckers that think they are the shit. He gets all the girls, but is loyal and humble. His best friends include: Bruce Wayne, Dude with a backpack, and Lady Gaga.
Person 1:Is that Tysun who just saved that guys.

Person 2:Hell yeah that is.
by Tyronewally May 17, 2018
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