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A beautiful girl usually tall who is quirky and weird in the best way. Usually is humble and follows her own flow. Doesn'ttry and judge other people and is a mediator in other people’s problems. She’s selfless and just wants to be loved. She is hilarious and the best person to talk to. She has the best inside jokes and once you meet her you will want to be around her all the time.
Ohh your friends with Tyse! You must be living on cloud nine!
by Brittany&Becky April 23, 2018
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Ugly asf, no straight teeth at all, his hairline is back when slavery was legal. He will try to rape you (especially if your a dude). Stay. Away. From. Tyse
Bruh he is for sure a tyse
by Efrainlawnmower February 27, 2017
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