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Tyriq is an intelligent , really funny, caring , attractive and honest man who is really down to end and loves to comforting other's, trying new things and doesn't like to see a person upset. he love's cheering people up and cracking jokes You will always see him smiling and laughing can be serious at time but not really he would always seem like he doesn't have a care in the world and look chilled but he over thinks way to much but never shows it. he's pure in heart soul and mind but doesn't care about what anyone thinks about. Tyriq looks to find true love hoping he'll an amazing women to spend the rest of his life with but knows it will be a long wait till he find's her but also knows it will be worth every second. Tyriq also loves sports and loves playing it and is pretty good and most sports . he is also very self motivated and optimistic and is going to change the world one day . Tyriq can also be an Arabic meaning for ''shooting star''
9 times out of 10 if u dont like a Tyriq then you probably a dicksucka
The other niggas who defined Tyriq got sum fucked up ghetto ass usernames
The name Tyriq on Fresh Prince of Bel Air
by ya pops April 14, 2015
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You see dat yute over there.....yhhh his name is Tyriq, hes a complete neng
by Shaniesha January 24, 2015
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