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The mind's ability to decipher a misspelled word if the first and last letters of the word are correct.

"Typoglycemia" is an incorrect term because "glycemia" is used to describe blood sugar, so unless the typing errors are swimming around in one's blood stream, "typoglycemia" should not be used to describe this phenomenon. Instead, the correct term is "Typo-phone-graphia"
Typo-phone-graphia is broken down as such:
"Typo" meaning a spelling error,
"Phone" (pronounced phoney) derived from the word "Phoneme" which describes a unit of speech sound, and
"Graphia" which is derived from latin, meaning to write.
All toghether we have a word that describes a misspelled unit of written sound.

Anyone who continues to use the term "typoglycemia" to describe this phenomenon is clearly uneducated.
Teh myed's axcilbty to dciepxer a mi-spplld wxrd if teh fyxst and lnxt lttrezs of teh wxrd ale cxoaact.

Typophonegraphia is the correct term of usage to describe this phenomena.
by Jillian L. Rumrill March 23, 2006
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