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An amazingly hot sex-god of a man. Most known for his roles in MTV's Teen Wolf (Derek Hale) and 7th Heaven (Martin Brewer). Rumored to me engaged, if not married, to the beautiful actress Brittany Snow.

He might also be one of the most under-rated hotties in all of Hollywood.
Oh my god just look at Tyler Hoechlin he is so hot!

Did you watch Teen Wolf last night? Tyler Hoechlin was lookin' fiiiine.

Wow, Tyler Hoechlin is one fine peice of ass.
by macottoncandy September 07, 2013
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~it's pronounced Heck-lin~
An insanly underrated, nice, funny and talented man. Everyones dream is to have someone like him in their lives (even though no one could out-do this sex god of a man *cough* *cough*)
"i just met this absolute perfect guy!"

"that's tyler hoechlin!"
by iamjustarandomperson December 29, 2018
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person 1: β€œoh my god do you want playtime?”
person 2: β€œonly tyler hoechlin can do that!”
person 3: β€œoh”
by rawrxd210 November 19, 2018
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