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Pretty much the most handsome man in all the world! Known by some as "The Man" or "Mr. Perfect." Most commonly known as SEXY. He's the kind of guy that turns heads when he walks by. Usually very muscular and built. Blond hair blue eyes, typical Dutch exterior. Knows how to get the ladies but also masters how to keep them. Fun loving, good at most any sport, loves kids and pets. Deathly afraid of birds and clowns. If you were to see a Tyler Hagen in a crowed place you would know who he is instantly. He's pretty much an one in a million kind of dream man.

Girl One: Hey do you know Tyler Hagen?
Girl Two: You mean that sex god?? Who doesn't know him?
Girl One: Yeah him, if only he wasn't taken by such a hottie or I'd get right on that.
Girl Two: I need to find me a Tyler Hagen of my own!
by imsureyoucanguess October 16, 2011
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