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Chewing gum while having sex with a chick in front of a group of people the Male spits his gum out and slaps it with a open hand into the cheering crowd.
Hey dude! Your gum hit me last night when you were pulling a "Mr. Perfect"
by Jojack December 18, 2007
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A semi-erect penis, as visibly sported by the late WWF (now WWE) superstar Mr Perfect during the 1989 Survivor Series as he wrestled Jimmy Snuka.
She's giving me a Mr Perfect, dude.
by JimmyHart November 27, 2009
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A guy with curly hair, plays the sax, gets all the ladies, and is afraid of germs (because he is perfect and cannot get sick)
Mr Perfect. Ahhh! What a guy.
by Gaysh February 18, 2009
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A man who turns old before his time. He is of verry mature mind compared to others of his age. The weekend is when full maturity blossom's. - off to bed at 9:30pm, no gargle, rub shells hair and go to sleep. The mature man does this while all the other "Lunatics" are out having a good time.
mr perfect decided to shell it up and grow more grey hair for the weekend.
by Mark Conway November 14, 2007
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Also known as Jayden Micheal Carter.
He's amazing beyond belief.
Way more than he knows or believes.
He's my best friend and I love him a lot.
Probably more than you.
No of course more than you.
He's nice and fun to talk to.
He's sweet.
And gorgeous.
He makes me happy.
Without even trying.
I'm so happy that I found someone like him.
He's an amazing person to have in your life.
Please don't hurt him.
Or I'll kill you.
I love you bby<333.
Isn't Mr. Perfect Jayden Faise your best friend?
Fuck yeah he is.
by Iri$$ January 30, 2008
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