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Sarcasm for regular tylenol....Of the Tylenol series contains the most paracetamol! A whopping 500mg!! Combined with nothing else! Liver damage and no pain relief! Recommended by 10/10 doctors too afraid to even prescribe 5 mg of codeine compounded with 1350mg of APAP and atropine for fear that surely everyone no matter there level of pain is out for some prescribed dope!!

Tylenol 0: 500mg APAP/0mg of codeine
Tylenol 1: 300mg APAP/8mg of codeine
Tylenol 2: 300mg APAP/15mg of codeine
Tylenol 3: 300mg APAP/30mg of codeine
Tylenol 4: 300mg APAP/60mg codeine

In reality APAP is far more toxic than any opioid. That is why they compound it with opioids so in order to get a buzz you have to consume copius amounts of Tylenol thus killing your liver in the process! For example lortab 5mg hydro/ 500mg APAP, in order to get high you'd need 15-20mg of hydrocodone for a decent buzz NO tolerance, you'd be consuming 1500-2000mg of APAP just to do that far over the FDA limit.

Drug addicts: scaring doctors from prescribing and preventing chronic pain patients from recieving relief!!
Doctor: Break a pinky? Here's 4mg dilaudid and some percoset 5s with some T4s for breakthrough pain, also here some Valium for the stress breaking a pinky has caused as well as some soma for the spasms, I gave you unlimited 99 refills for all of those and if you need a diamorphine drip set up at home just call my pill pushing nurse practitioner!!!! Suffer from debilitating pain from a chronic illness? Uh take some Tylenol 0 (regular Tylenol) there's too many risks aka I'm too scared of the DEA ripping my liscence out of my hands through my asshole for prescribing any thing that is mildly addictive and even if you are in pain I don't care because it's not my problem!!
by CTU_FieldAgent200 December 08, 2010
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