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A cool, funny, sarcastic girl who likes to take a lot of pictures of herself. Often has weird nicknames with hilarious meanings behind them. She always has a witty and sarcastic comeback for anything said and is often the cause of many nights spent up till 4am laughing your ass off over the craziest of things.

Has the best taste in music and will often introduce others to songs they've never heard of. Once heard,these songs become so addictive they're heard over and over and spread around a circle of friends like wildfire.

Can be a bit of an airhead at times and often confuses similar words such as fan/tan leading to many hilarious hours of laughing.

Like any other person, has problems, but will push these problems aside in a heartbeat to help a friend in need. Very kind, caring and sympathetic.
"I took at least 130 pics of myself today!"

"That's so Tyesha !"
by RavynK September 03, 2008
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