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Someone who only interacts with Twitter users who are famous and/or have lots of followers.
"I tweeted the same thing to that reporter but he ignored me and retweeted the same comment an hour later when that terrible actor wrote the same thing."

"Dude, he's a Twitter snob. What you tweet doesn't matter to him. Get somewhat famous first."
by Harry Hedwund March 02, 2012
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Someone on Twitter who replies to or retweets posts only by Twitter users with lots of followers, usually because he or she deems comments from users without many followers as inherently less worthy, regardless of objective evaluation of the wit or wisdom of said comments, or because there is not as much of a benefit to him or her (such as gaining followers of the popular user)
"Did you see the funny tweets between the guy who writes for Slate and the ABC reporter?'"

"Yeah, the guy from ABC said the same thing I did but about 5 minutes after I did, yet he was retweeted because that reporter for Slate is a Twitter Snob who wouldn't retweet me."
by Foster Adelson February 21, 2012
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