Stupid middle aged white lady who looks at Twitter politics and claims to everyone and everything is racist, sexist, or nationalist. Tells her own son he is leading down the path to white supremacy by laughing at edgy memes. Also tells people the guidelines of using the n word even tho her herself is white for example “Latino people are not allowed to say the n word” there is no such thing as the “pass.” Also believes the world is gonna literally fucking end in the near future. AKA the victim of only looking at extremist liberal media,
My mom is such a Twitter bitch she told me I was racist for laughing at an edgy meme.
by Callme917 November 11, 2019
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twitter is one of the richest companies in the world and can easily afford to hire staff to find inappropriate accounts to report and suspend but why bother when there is plenty of slacktivists that will do the job for free.
Such slacktivists are too dumb to realise they are being exploited.
Such people are known as twitters bitches.
Zeus is one of twitters bitches
by AnonDoxy July 28, 2017
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A stalker, someone who follows you in a creepy or annoying way, a lurker, mainly on the internet or in any other situation.
Jared followed Sally all day and she began to notice, at lunch she was talking to her friends and said "the twitter bitch has not stopped following me all day"
by chandlerm913 January 13, 2010
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If one has more following than followers by margin of 15 (i.e 50 following but 35 followers) he or she is a twitter bitch.
by twitter123445 September 03, 2011
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