Another name for a Twilight fan freak. A person who love twilight so much they have to worship it and attack people who don't
Girl 1: Omg I lurrrrrrv Twilight! Edward is so hawwwt
Girl 2: Jacob is lyek hotter lolololololololol
Jessica: What the hell are you talking about?
Girl 1 & 2: TWILIGHT! its lyek so awesome
Chuck: Ignore them. they are Twi-twits.
by Chiba Natsumi June 20, 2010
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Someone who demonstrates their lack of intelligence on Twitter through apparent illiteracy, stupidity, or ungodly volume of tweets that causes viewers to wonder what else they do with their time.
Did you see Sarah's tweet last night? "Goin' 2 a partee an gon gettt drunkkk boiiizzzz"...what a twitwit.
by GeorgeDW September 24, 2011
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someone who uses twitter and therefore has little to no intelligence. See nitwit
Oh, Joe is such a twitwit! he has his Facebook connected to his twitter account!
by b-rizzle for real? November 09, 2009
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