Anyone who is a complete badass and doesnt give a fuck about anything anyone else says. Twisted Steel is a mindset that involves knowing you are better than everyone else and making sure everyone else knows it too. If you are a twisted steel individual you are pretty much the complete opposite of someone who is "straight edge"

It also involves being a complete ass to women then fucking them and never calling them again
Person A: "How'd it go with that girl you went home with after the party?"

Person B: "Well I fucked her and when we woke up in the morning she made me breakfast and gave me her number. Then I left and never called her."

Person A: "That's so Twisted Steel!"
by Poppin_Fresh January 26, 2010
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The hardest, strongest, most durable substance in the universe. This phrase is more common to those born prior to 1960. Many have used this phase, however no one knows of its true origins. They just know that nothing can beat it.
It is a damn shame that the Twin Towers weren’t made of blue twisted steel.
by RaiderJunky October 26, 2005
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