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To drive in a reckless yet purposeful manner to gain a better position in any driving situation. When riding a motorcycle, jack moves become involuntary and frequent.

While all of these jack asses were impatiently waiting in far right lane to exit from I-80 to HWY 12, I drove by all of them and bust a jack move at the last second bypassing all traffic.
by RaiderJunky October 26, 2005
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Orignating in the 1980's break dancing era as a synonym to the word "fresh." Both words are used to emphasize that something is exceptionally great or cool.
As Chris, who was decked out in parachute pants and leather high top Pumas with fat laces, was poppin' and struttin', he began to moon walk directly into a deep puddle submerging his left foot into the water. In a scream of horror indicating that he may of ruined one of his all-time favorite shoes, Chris exclaimed, "Oh no, my Icey Puma!"
by RaiderJunky October 25, 2005
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A roll of fat on a female's stomach that prevents a male's sperm from splashing her in the face when he removes his penis from her vagina just prior to ejaculation.
That bitch is lucky she had a splash guard because if she didn't my load would've caused her to drown.
by RaiderJunky October 13, 2005
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The hardest, strongest, most durable substance in the universe. This phrase is more common to those born prior to 1960. Many have used this phase, however no one knows of its true origins. They just know that nothing can beat it.
It is a damn shame that the Twin Towers weren’t made of blue twisted steel.
by RaiderJunky October 26, 2005
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