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Twirony (Twitter Irony)....the practice of communicating with a blend of irony and sincerity on social media.

It fails to express clear thoughts and feelings. It is often designed to hurt someone's feelings and belittle/humiliate them. It serves to reduce someone's personal responsibility for what they are saying by dulling the meaning with mock-sincerity.
After he let loose with a barrage of Twirony, I felt a combination of befuddlement, depression and offense, and was no clearer to understanding what he was actually trying to say beyond the most simplistic of notions.
by Ludicrous Gibs July 02, 2013
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Something ironic posted on or relating to Twitter.
Searching twitter for "load test" and having the page fail to load is an example of twirony.
by JohnJonzz July 23, 2009
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