This page sure is taking a long time to load. That twirly bird just keeps going and going.
by 0x70 October 30, 2014
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When a woman pulls out her used bloody tampon while pinching the string and swings it above her head like a helicopter, hopefully splattering the walls with red DNA
This bartender took 20 minutes to give me my margarita. I'm finna go Twirly Bird their bathroom.
by IWannaMeetThatDad December 31, 2016
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A sexual position used often. Where the male, is lieing on his back and the female, while riding the male, twirls in a circular motion and does a complete 360 keeping the penis inside her vagina the whole time.
by gizzem June 11, 2005
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The twirly bird is an expert sexual position. You grab the women by her waist region. Then go in a circular motion while hitting it from the back.
“Aye bro, I’m boutta hit the twirly bird on this chick
by The Actual Goat December 12, 2018
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A Middle Georgia term meaning : An individual under the influence of, or will do anything to get methamphetamine.
Ex. 1
Jim- hey, look at T.W. over there...
Dante- haa yeah I see him over there Twirlin' that bowl.
Ex. 2...
T.W- Hey man! Where's the twirly?!

Frank- Idk I just told you that..

(10mins later) T.w. - Ay Frank where's the Bird at?

Ex 3...
Jacob- hey! dad the boats gone!..
Dad- Its must have been them gott damn Twirly Birds...
by young.certified August 07, 2012
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