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Someone who is obsessed about the book Twilight. They're usually some teenager, but ranges from ages 11-35 (If they're 25+, then they're lonely. Always.) that read Twilight, and now thinks that she (I'm assuming the person's usually a she, since it is where I live.) can get any man she wants, despite the fact that she's fucking batshit insane, fat and or ugly.
Twilight Fag: I still can't believe you haven't readed twilight yet!!!11one

Me: Wow, I would love to read about it, but it's kinda gay, not to mention the fact that I heard that they play baseball in it, vampires don't play baseball, and if they do, it's in the middle of night.

Twilight Fag: Oh my god, you're worthless.

Me: No, you're just some Twilight fag who has a rusty vagina and is lonely.

Twilight Fag goes home, kneels down to Twilight placed on her stand, then chants Satanic prayers.
by Saustin-KC February 09, 2009
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