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A game which college stoners play when there is a gap between class and no work could possibly get done in the allotted break time.

Round one:
Someone first penetrates the ground with a twig, then players gather leaves and penetrate the leaves with the twig. The name of the game is to NOT be the person who puts the last leaf that fits on the twig. The person to penetrate the last leaf that will fit on the twig must eat half of the leaves!

Round two:
Twigs are thrown onto the pile of penetrated leaves left on the twig. There are various drinking rules that are applied when one misses the stack of leaves and such.
Stoner 1- Hey man! Break time, let's get our Twig-master on!
Stoner 2- Chyeah alright man! Group penetration has never been this fun!
by Charis66 November 29, 2010
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