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A very important region of the male reproductive organ that has no function but to elongate and hang the sack.

The average ballsack has 3 major parts: the two testicles, enclosed together in the bottom of the scrotum, and a stretch of the sack that connects the lower scrotum to the base of the shaft. It is only present in warm conditions, as in colder temperatures it become invisible, not hiding but ceasing to exist completely until the climate returns to comfortable.

This stretch, called the twegner, is usually ignored as simply a part of the general scrotum. However, this misconception is harmful to the reputation of the twegner. The twegner deserves our gratitude--it allows semen to survive in warm conditions. It does so much unthanked work every day, and most of you never even thought about it once. If you have one, recognize and thank your twegner at every opportunity for having your back without you ever knowing. If you don't, please take the time to ask someone to thank theirs for you.
1) "If I take good care of my twegner, it will take good care of me."

2) "Man--it's so cold in here that I think my twegner is gone"
by The Anatomical Educator December 11, 2013
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