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Spanking a User on Twitter via Mobile Phone.

1. The Recipient (User that wants to be spanked) DM's (Direct messages) a Twitter User he/she is following on her cell phone, and asks that user to tweetspank her.

2. If the Spanker agrees, then they must DM the Recipient back, saying that they will, and when. The Spanker can refuse to tweetspank if they choose.

3. If the spanker agrees, the Recipient will then set his/her Phone on vibrate, and place it under one butt cheek and wait.

4. The Spanker must send a tweet in the following format -

@tweetuser has spanked @tweetuser for being a naughty girl (or Boy) >:)

5. The Recipient's phone has received the tweet, causing the phone to vibrate. The Recipient has received a Tweetspanking
Mary: D Mark can you give me a tweetspanking ?

Mark: D Mary you got it, bad girl. two minutes. Get ready.

Mary: sets the phone on Vibrate, and places it under her left cheek.

Mark: D Mark has spanked @Mary for being a naughty girl >:)

Mary: OOOOOH !
by PlayBoyMan July 24, 2009
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