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Tweeted Off More than I can Chew - verb:

1. Making bold requests or statements on Twitter with positive replies forcing you to either do what you said or requested, or back down...but in reality, you had no intention of doing what you tweeted.

2. Asking someone to do something for you, or telling them that you will do something on Twitter, then having to admit you aren't going to do or need what you tweeted when called on it with a reply.

3. Tweeting a celebrity with an action just to get their attention, then getting a reply from them agreeing to the action..then having to retweet that you weren't serious, and you never thought they would reply.

4. Tweeting anything that makes you look like an idiot when you get 'called' on it, and have to admit you never thought anybody would reply and 'call' you on it.
I'tweeted off more than I can chew' when I asked Kelly Clarkson to marry me, and she said YES!. And I'm already married.

I 'tweeted off more than I can chew' by asking Mike Ditka to come to his birthday party, and he retweeted and asked for an address, date and time.

After a few hours at the bar, I 'tweeted off more than I can chew' when I tweeted the whole ladies gymnastics team to meet me at my apartment...and they did..
by vivavic vegas February 26, 2011
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