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'TweetUI' n. pr: 'tweet you eye'...

1. A Tweet written and submitted under the influence..
2. using twitter with enough drinks, narcotics, stimulants, pain killers, mood alter the normal 'Tweets'.
3. Like a DUI, with a keyboard, not a car....
4. Tweeting something you would not normally tweet...but liquid or other courage lowers inhibitions, and results in 'tweets' with either too much information, or something embarrassing.
5. Writing a 'tweet' that would normally be omitted, or without controversy, but due to alcohol, etc. the tweet is written, and likely deleted the next morning.

Note: TweetUI is exponentially likely worse as your number of followers increases, or is in the thousands or more.
The mob wife of an informant, liking painkillers and Vodka, twittered the combo to the safe in the basement of the 12th precinct..thus giving up the crucial evidence gathered by her lover, Detective Smirnoff. She realized later in court, that a TweetUI, could be evidence against her.

Dude thought tweeting Jeff Foxworthy quotes would get him a chick. 7 Beers and 3 tweetUI's later, he realized he was living in the early 2000's.

Sandy, normally shy, hit the bar, did the producer, and wrote a tweetUI about the experience. She awoke and deleted the ill-fated tweetUI.
by veevavicvegas September 05, 2010
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