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a person who follows you on for the soul propose of trying to spam you.
xxx123 is following me! they are such a twammer.

there are so many twammers following me!
by bookworm_x March 09, 2009
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Any person who utilizes Twitter to promote their own professional expertise or the capabilities of their company. Typically applies to Twitter users whose tweets meet the definition above 50% or more of the time.
1. From a social media expert: "Twitter can be used to increase your interaction with customers." This person is a Twammer.

2. From the same social media expert: "INSERT FIRM NAME increased INSERT CUSTOMER NAME awareness by using Twitter X%." This person is a Twammer.
by Anonymous Tweeter January 26, 2009
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A person who over-uses their twitter account and posting random updates to either gain followers or have a large number of total tweets.
Bill- Hey, did you see Jane's tweets last night?
Bob- Yeah, she had 30 in a half an hour, what a Twammer.
by dd353 June 25, 2010
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