A cocky person, usually a nice guy just being a cocky for fun.
He's just a Tutton, he's not really conceeded, he just plays around.
by supa G May 16, 2004
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Pulling a Tutton, its when a really white guy gets rejected by a close friend and asks out another girl (Usually merked) just to show off
Guy 1: Wanna go out
Girl 1: Nope were too close of friends

Guy 1: Wanna go out
Girl 2: Ok

Guy 1: Look at my merked shordy
Guy 2: Bro you just pulled The Tutton
by Jacky J Dog June 12, 2018
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blonde, muscular, 18 and the best friend in the world cos hes a millionaire.
tutton boy
tuttons bike
by mike hunt January 23, 2005
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Quite similar to button the mutton (i.e., to give a hand- or blowjob), however, stutton the tutton is generally much rougher and only performed by the most willing of partners. Therefore it is common for one to take serious offense when asked to stutton the tutton if they are unwilling.
-I asked her to stutton my tutton on the first date and she slapped me.
-Dude, you don't stutton the tutton EVER on the first date if you want to be a righteous dude.

-Dude, so I asked to button the mutton but she went all the way for a stutton!
by Stubernic June 13, 2009
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Brady tutton is an Shorewood Wisconsin raised singer now in a band called In Real Life with Michael Conor, Drew, Sergio, and Chance. They all one a record deal with Hollywood Records and has a long journey ahead of him and his fellow band mates!
Brady tutton likes to say "ugghh atrocious!"
by Faith.T October 3, 2017
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