The excess meat of the female genitalia that dangles outside of the vagina. Looks much like the meatish part of a turtles neck.
A womans enlarged labia that has succumbed to being protruded outside of the female genitalia; usually is derived from hardcore and savage intercourse.
Also is called Beef Curtains, Meat Curtains, and Bloodhound Lips.
Bradon: Hey is she alright? it looks like she took a brutal railing from a couple african folk.
Adam: Yeah her Turtle Meat is out of control, its past her knees and can almost be compared to Lindsey's.
by I Jurcough January 24, 2009
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A large penis that is shaped kind of like a turtle head.
I fucked Dave's mom with my meat turtle and she swallowed my turtle jizz!
by Judy's meat turtle May 21, 2021
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