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A name that is given to any older man, or woman that is hindering your speed, whether you are driving, walking, running (etc.).It is not uncommon for them to possess horrible driving skills, and driving through banks, salons, grocery stores, and gas stations happens more often than not.
Driver: I am going to be late, get out of my way Turtle Fucker!

Grocery Shopper: Move you damn Turtle Fucker and quit staring at the laxatives, it's not that damn hard to decide!

Grocery Shopper #2: It shouldn't take that long to write a check, get some glasses Turtle Fucker!

Grocery Shopper #3: Damn-it Turtle Fucker, no it isn't cheaper than that, quit getting price checks!

Betty drove into the gas station and injured the clerk because she is a Turtle Fucker.
by loafenator February 27, 2009
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