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A special type of insane state one reaches that it can be only compared to the three ringed circus state of Florida. A state where meth heads, dopers, rednecks and weirdos are involved in all kinds of nonsense that become internet comedic gold. This special deranged state usually includes a mixture of elements including drugs, drinking, destruction, arrest, nudity, and some sort of sexual deviance with an inanimate object or wild animal.
Dude- "What in the shit happened to JD!?!? He drank 6 shots of Tequilia, smoked some PCP, then crashed his Ford F-250 into a Denny's and was arrested naked attempting to sodomize an inflatable alligator!"

Chick-"Sweet Jesus, he turned all Florida on us. There's no turning back once you break that seal."

Florida insanity alligator drugs booze rednecks weirdos beastiality
by Furiosa the Accursed June 10, 2016
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