The girl gladly turned her back on suffering if there were no donations or dollar signs involved, as she held nothing sacred enough not to turn her back on it. She said she wouldn't when they asked her would you turn your back?
by Solid Mantis October 11, 2020
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One who was formerly religious, but has since turned to not listening for him anymore.

NOTE: This does not apply to agnostism or atheism
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 29, 2004
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Calling someone a name and/or insulting them, then quickly turning your back to your victim so they cannot reply.
Make a crack and turn your back

Person 1: You are retarted (quickly turns away).
Victim: Damn it. Now he is occupied with something else so I cannot reply.
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You spell like a fucking 6-year old. You need to turn on your Grammarly - (which by the way, is a browser extension that corrects your grammar).
by chubby.cows July 17, 2019
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