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When you are banging a gutter slut and her giant dangling gobbler tickles your nut sack.
"Dude, why do you keep scratching your balls?"

"Man, I slipped it in that gutter slut, Jane, last night, and my nut sack is still itching from the Turkey Testicle Tickler she gave me. You gotta watch out for those giant dangling gobblers!"
by Clifford the Big Red Dog October 08, 2013
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To tickle or play with a turkeys testicles, classed as animal rape or sex.
Or if the turkey is dead it is not thought of to tickle or play with its testicles because of testickle diesese formally known as Testicklitistaminaclesis or owch piss of homo!!
you sick bastard

why the hell did you want to know the meaning of this??
by not tellin ass hole May 08, 2005
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