The most dope rapper in the bay

Little cousin of E-40, and resident of Vallejo

Invented Turfin google it, its bad ass

Featured in songs like Super Sick Wit It by Mistah FAB, also in Turfs Up by Beeda Weeda
Turf Talk is the dopest nigga in the bay
by jbeebe12 September 22, 2008
Protecting the ground you're walking on, and, then, or, directing traffic on your turf.
That kid had so much skill, he was directing traffic from your pistol to the ground, and away from him so: "TALK ABOUT DROPPING DIMES, YOU LOST A GUN FIGHT TO A KID WITH A KNIFE?" That kid was turfing so hard in your city letting his action do the speaking; TURF TALK.
by Death0A December 1, 2014