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A variation of graffiti, but drawn with poop instead of paint or ink. Commonly found in public restrooms, but might also in very rare cases occur in private homes, especially in connection to parties taking place there the night before. The use of poop instead of more conventional tools has been speculated by experts to be political, although this has not yet been confirmed by any prominent turdffiti groups.

It is unknown if turdffitiers use their own poop to draw with or obtain it from others. In some rare cases poop from several different people have been used to achieve different shades of brown in the turdffiti.
Yesterday I had to go to the bathroom when I were at the mall, and it was so boring I had to make some turdffiti on the wall with my own poop in order to keep myself entertained.
by UncleJalapeno July 01, 2011
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