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Turbo Cock is a verb used to describe the action of drawing a penis on a person that is passed out due to over drinking and being a pussy. The best way to do it is to hide it on the person's body in a spot where they may not see it immediately, in the hopes that the turbo cock remains on their skin until either pointed out by someone else or the person discovers it later on.

Turbo Cocking should not be confused with totally trashing some poor cat with sharpie all over their face and body. Turbo Cocking is meant to be subtle and not obvious.

The truest and most awesome form of the action is to Turbo Cock a total stranger who is passed out somewhere. The person will have no idea where it came from and will forever ponder who it was that owned his punk ass.

Upon discovering that you have been Turbo Cocked, you must know that you deserved it for being a pussy and passing out. Anyone who gets upset or cries about getting Turbo Cocked instantly becomes a Faggot.
"Dude, I got hammered last night and passed out on Jerm's couch and someone Turbo Cocked me. Awesome!"

"I was in the shower today and found a Turbo Cock on my back from 2 days ago. Awesome!"

"You see that homeless guy passed out on the sidewalk? Give me a sharpie, I am going to Turbo Cock that homeless piece of shit."
by Jerm Core July 26, 2008
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A person lacking in social ability who excels in the studies of douchebaggery.

Can be used as an adjective, verb, or noun.
Tyghe is a real ass clown. That jigaboo is always "turbo-cocking" around.
by Nigga Ray Rogers February 06, 2011
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