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When a guy doesn't wash himself in some days or pees a lot without shaking it clean, and the penis starts emanating a rancid smell of pissy tuna.
I ain't gonna suck that. You smell like tuna, go wash yourself.

It seems that you suffer from a severe case of tuna dick.
by Old Janitor May 02, 2017
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The raunchy smell post exit after having intercourse with a weather beaten whore's expired vagina.
Vinny: "Hey how was fucking that stripper last night"
Josh: "It was fun but I woke up this morning with tuna dick"
by joshuaknowsbest February 20, 2011
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is wen ur dick is as wide as a tuna can but cant touch the bottom
Eww becky he has a tuna dick
by bbwshlong69 May 23, 2015
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