1. Damaged or eroded away by significant exposure to the weather.
2. Very ugly, beat, busted, broke down, tore up, or wrecked.
1. After many years of proud ownership, arch-pimp Nick D decided to sell away his deteriorating, weather beaten Mazda RX7 and conquer the roads and the opposite sex in his brand spankin-new whip, the Mazda RX8.

2. When Trevor's wife Judith(once a rather attractive outdoorswoman who enjoyed hunting, hiking, camping, rock climbing, and sometimes fishing) came back home after eight months of being lost in the Canadian wilderness, having to brave extreme cold climate conditions as well as hunt, fish, and forage for food and survive all sorts of dangerous shit on her own, she came back home so weather beaten, that people who have seen her have reported to have seen an actual Sasquatch around town.

Mark H. Since February 2004.
by Mark H January 28, 2005