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A phrase said while in an intoxicated state, usually from marijuana, when one is either confused, excited, or just wants to be a dick to his or her friends, which are usually intoxicated as well.

There is no comeback to it, except for "fru frufrufru", and is usually used to win an argument.

Origin: Southern California

Synonym: Fru frufrufru
1. Pablo: "Guess what happened earlier!"

Rudy: "Tun tuntuntun"

Pablo: "Dude, what the hell is your problem?"

Rudy: "Fru frufrufru?!"

Pablo: "Aww. You're gunna be a dick..."

2. Rudy: "You already took a hit..."

Pablo: "I put in most of the money, though"

Rudy: "Seriously, don't be a bitch."

Pablo: "Tun tuntuntun?!"
by Mr. Faulk July 02, 2009
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