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Has two distinct definitions:
1. A very long, lenghty, and stringy turd that when still inside one's intestines, the tail reaches to the bottom of one's stomach (tummy), and when released into its habitat (toilet, ground, girlfriend's mouth, etc.) it coils up and has head in strike position;
2. A penile erection that is concealed or hidden by one's action of tucking said erection between the tuckers pants, boxers, etc., and body so that the penis head sticks out above the tucker's waistline. Normally, the tucker is unaware of it being visible.
1) "Oh my! Billy, that Tummy-Snake is hanging out of the toilet!"

2) "By god Johnny, put your shirt back on, all those kids can see your Tummy-Snake!"
by Billy Grundle November 11, 2008
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