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The best day of the week. Tummy Tuesday was started by a group of high school seniors as a day to skip school and eat out, but has evolved into much more. Since then, the group has gained sponsors and accepted special guests including their school principal and even the mayor of their town. The tummy Tuesday movement is spreading like wild fire and there seems to be no end in sight for the group. They can be recognized by their light blue shirts and their booming voice of democracy. Light blue runs deep in the members' veins along side with a passionate hate for their arch enemies food friday, who are a bunch of math nerds that think they can compete with the ever growing revolution. The group is getting so well known that there is an independent film maker following them around to capture the meaning of the group; which words cannot explain.
Everyone: I wish I could be in the Tummy Tuesday group :(
by tummytuesday10 March 27, 2012
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An event started by high school students to wear belly shirts on Tuesday's. Origionally started to make fun of a chubby girl who always wore belly shirts.
Happy Tummy Tuesday :)
by chubbyh8r January 22, 2013
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