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A form of escapism from reality by using Tumblr all day and night.
Sorry to say this, but you show some serious tumblrism symptoms. We shall make everything in our powers to find a cure.
by Poble March 26, 2013
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A bastard deviant child of Socialism and Self-Victimization where one claims they support the building of a socialist state, without providing the means of doing so. A substantial amount of the ideas used to support Tumblrism were conceived during collective conversations on Tumblr (particularly Tumblr safespace).
Guy 1: Did you see that facebook post about Bernie Sanders that Tiffany posted?
Guy 2: Yeah, total trash dude. Tumblrism is a cancer.
by cammy cam cam May 16, 2016
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When somebody is addicted to Tumblr. Meow. The thought that your life wouldn't be right without it.
Mum: Get off the computer! I bet you're on Tumblr again!
Me: Mum you know I have Tumblrism, going cold turkey would take into withdrawal!
by Voldemortkilledme! August 01, 2012
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