A place where you can express yourself, where no one will judge you. You can reblog anything you want. You can tell your followers anything. Its basically a place to vent, and for whoever will listen. It's very time consuming, because it's more than amazing. You'll find yourself on it more than talking to people. and hanging out with friends. It's a place to be free.
Tumblr person: I love tumblr. It's the only place I can be myself.
Other tumblr person: I know. I wanna keep mine forever.
by itsxjustxmexxD December 12, 2010
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A place where emos go to show their "true emotions"
Did you see my depressing post on tumblr last night?
by Lehwbwjw wh December 06, 2016
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Where really high people at 2 am post stuff that boggles your mind. Tumblr is definitely not your type of thing to go to if you question your existence a lot.
Dude what if inside your nipples was another universe

Tumblr at 2 am
by TurtleCactus October 08, 2013
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A blog site...The end of your social life.
*Friday Night*
Person 1: Hey, you wanna do something tonight?
Person 2:Nahhh, I gotta update my Tumblr.
by mexxxxxxxxxxx May 23, 2011
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A blogging platform that claims to be accepting of people of all identities...unless you are a heterosexual, cisgender male of Northern European descent. In which case, they will hate your guts once they catch the first whiff of you, never mind if you actually support egalitarian social politics like they claim to. For that matter, even those outside the Straight White Male demographic intersection will fall prey to the tumblr community's turbulent toxicity since the various sects of "Social Justice Warriors" always fighting with each other in the absence of a common enemy. Thankfully, the majority of them are bored, hormonally charged teenagers who may grow out of it once they reach drinking age...or so we hope.
Tumblr is like a politically inverted version of 4chan's /b/ forum. Whereas /b/ hates everyone who isn't a Straight White Male, tumblr hates everyone who is straight, white, and/or male.
by BsPilcher February 16, 2015
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An amazing place filled with believers. Unicorns, Harry Potter, And Meme's seem to be the most popular thing, and everyone there has there inner hipster revealed. Corackadile has big tits.
Person 1: I believe that unicorns exist.

Person 2: *Gasp!* Whats your tumblr url?!
by falalaunicorns February 19, 2011
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Tumblr is a blog, where the most mainstream of people pretend to be indie /alternative. They are somehow under the impression that by posting pictures of scantily clad models in cut off shorts and ray-bans smoking pot, and by blogging about the joy of summer makes them indie. It doesn't. It makes them as mainstream of the the rest of us.

They often will post the link to their tumblr , in the box below their photo on facebook, or link it anonymously over formspring, so more people can blog their amazing photos . It's a vicious cycle.
-Over facebook-

Claud: Omg bebe, I <3 ur tumblr!!!!!1 it's sahhh indie
Emma: omgg thxx, whats ur called ??/
Claud: mines theessenceofsummer.

Emma: omg sahh orgiinal beb
Claud: *re-blogs photos*
by saindiebeb December 29, 2010
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