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Tattoos originated from Tumblr that are now copied by hipsters, making them completely unoriginal.

Usually those people with no imagination or personality whatsoever will get these inked onto their bodies, preaching their 'personal meaning' behind it, when really 200 other people have the exact same design, and sometimes, placement.

Like pirating music, someone would've been commissioned to design that piece originally, with their customer thinking they would be the only one to have it, then the artist will throw away the original print. These hipsters are offensively then copying it, without permission, insulting the artist and then that customer now has another little person running around the Earth with the tattoo that actually meant something to them only.
- Flocks of birds.
- A dandelion's seeds morphing into tiny birds.
- Dreamcatcher.
- Anchor.
- Infinity symbol inclusive of a word.
- Birthdate in Roman numerals.
- A crucifix (for non-religious reasons).
- Feather.

"Hey, do you like my new tattoo? I think its really different and it has a really deep meaning to me :PPPPPPPP"

"Ha. No. That's just a Tumblr Tatt."
by ELKB October 07, 2013
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