A word used to describe someone with extremely curly hair.
Hey! you curly headed fuck, you're such a tudor!
by Colonel Cocklong March 27, 2009
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A pervert, someone who is obsessed with sex-related topics/objects.
Ew. That guy is such a Tudor!
by Negligence May 3, 2006
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Someone with a much hotter girlfriend.

Named after ex-England Cricketer, Alex Tudor, who scored 99no as a nightwatchman and was clearly "batting above his average".
Fuck me Selleck, your missus is incredibly hot. How have you managed that? You look like Peter Crouch! You complete Tudor!
by goldfingers no. 10 October 6, 2010
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A person who smokes a lot of pot
Person1: Dude i smoke 439 bowls a day
Person2: You are such a Tudor
by osfmjhopfsmj May 27, 2005
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The dude you thought was your best friend, you've known him since preschool and you've been through a lot together. You thought you could trust him but you can't, he'll let you down in a way you can't even imagine when you need him most.
Guy 1: So that's how he fucked me over.

Guy 2: But he was your best friend, you guys were like brothers. He's a such a Tudor
by lulk88 April 15, 2014
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Tudor is a male whom is a beta little bitch and is scared of real life confrontation. Tudor Usually likes men but acts straight because his parents would be disappointed in him. Tudor likes dressing up and fucking guys on the low.
Man 1:Hey what’s up Tudor
Tudor: Hhhh-hey plz don’t hurt me I’ll suck your penis.
by TudorSerbanIsABeta May 7, 2019
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The definition of gay. Very stubborn, always wants to be right and win arguments even though he is completely wrong. Can not explain in words how retarded this person can be. Although he has a good heart, always cares about people around him even if they are strangers and wants the best for them...
That bitch Tudor did not just do that
by TTV ImNotSeingEnoughMovement February 9, 2020
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