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A burst of anxiety experienced by an infrequent underground traveller coming out of a tube station to visit a resident friend. Tubophobia comes as a consequence of invasion of private space on the tube, usually caused by a massive influx of football or rugby fans, partygoers or money beggars at major stations.

Reduction of private space is often intensified by focused yet hazy staring, vocal but unarticulated utterance of words, intended but missed body touching due to impaired sense of balance.

Tubophobia can affect both sexes and is usually overcome in 10 minutes after exiting the tube station.
Friend: 'OMG, I am completely shocked by all those people that invaded the train at Kings Cross!'
Me: 'What do you mean, did somebody harass you?'
Friend: 'No, it just felt so weird because the train suddenly got packed with people.'
Me: 'C'mon, relax and start enjoying your night out. You will agonize over tubophobia on your way back.
by No-walk-blocker October 27, 2012
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