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Plural: TubeCunti

A Youtuber who constantly/consistently engages in acts of hypocrisy, needless drama, lying to the viewer (in ways of the video its self, thumbnail, title, or tags.) or other forms of jackassery.

Note if a youtuber calls out another for good reason and not in the name of drama or makes a video about a youtuber but titles it after a different one, so the subject doesn't get any form of exposure through the video, they are not a TubeCunt.

Examples of TubeCunti: Ricegum, The Paul Brothers, Onision , N&A productions, Nicole Arbour.
Man 1: Wow did you hear that Onision has sexual desires towards under age girls ?
Man 2: Didn't he try to accuse Shane Dawson of pedophilia?
Man 1: What a TubeCunt .
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by Wanting Death June 29, 2018
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