You Understand, You know how that goes
I have to go home it's getting late and i have to work tomorrow Tu Sabes gotta make that money honey
by Katrina November 16, 2004
"Ya tu sabes" means "you already know" and is often used in mostly spanish songs which means as much as "ya'll know how I do" in this context.
This expression is used by many spanish artists, such as Daddy Yankee or Notch with his song "Ya tu sabes"
by fabE / ARMAN May 31, 2006
The phrase/saying "ya tu sabes" means "you already know"
Friend 1: Let's go to the club!
Friend 2: Ya tu sabes!!
by Alejandro Guerrero July 2, 2013
Is a phrase that 32 year old Edel Dominguez aka Sinzero from Las Vegas says in Instagram stories before showing who he is with

Real English definition is

Do you know who am I with

When you see Sinzero please say ustedes sabes con quien yo estoy…. Estamos activaos
tu sabes con quien yo estoy
by Pandawarvet November 23, 2021