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A popuar shounen genre manga series written by CLAMP, a group of four female manga-ka. It is and action adventure romance comedy drama, and i recomend it to fans of Fullmetal Alchemist and Inuyasha, as well as fans of shojo manga.

TSUBASA: RESERVoir CHRoNiClE is often shortened to
2 Tsubasa
3 Tsubasa: RC

Tsubasa is the tale of Syaoran (originally from CLAMP's earlier seiries, Card Captor Sakura, but he has a completely different personality, and is much older), an archeologist of the desert kingdom of Clow who is excavating the ruins burried in the sand when the princess of Clow, Sakura-hime (also from Card Captor Sakura), his childhood friend and love interest, came to confess her love to him one day in a newly discovered corridor of the ruins. She has some sort of magical reaction to a symbol on the ground and is brought into a trance of sorts, then sprouts wings, "tsubasa," and she begins to melt into the wall. In a desperet attempt to save Sakura, Syaoran tackled her to the ground, causing her wings to shatter and her feathers to scatter to many different "worlds." After climbing out of the ruins, carrying the unconsious Sakura, Syaoran discovered that his country was in the middle of an invasion by a mysterious army of unknown origins. Syaoran then goes to the high preist of Clow, Yukito (also of Card Captor Sakura), who tells him that the feathers were the embodiment of Sakura-hime's heart; her memories. Yukito then uses his powers to send Sakura and Syaoran to the Space-time Witch, Yuko, in another dimesion; modern-day Japan. Yuko runs a shop selling wished for an equal price. There Syaoran obtains the means of traveling to other worlds to find Sakura's feathers via a white creature named Mokona (of Magic Night Rayearth), as well as two traveling companions with wishes of thier own; Kurogane of ancient japan, a ninja who was banished by his princess to the dimension of Yuko's shop for killing needlessly, and who desperately wants to gat back to his home world, and Fai(also spelled Fay or Fye) D. Flowright (also spelled Flourite), who needs to travel from world to world, trying to rum away from his past (which is, as of yet, unexplained). But of course there is the matter of a price for the wishes of these three men. Yuko decided that there would be no suitable price other than the things which the men value most. For kurogane, this means his sword. For Fai, a mysterious tattoo of a pheonix which covers his back. Syaoran must give up his relationship with Sakura; even if he can help Sakura to regain all of her memories, she will never remember him.

Tsubasa is translated to english by Anthony Gerard of Del Rey. TRC also has an anime series entitled Tsubasa Chronicle and a movie. Tsubasa Cronicle is liscenced to be dubbed into Enlish by FUNimation.

TRC crosses over with CLAMP's XXXHolic, and in includes crossover characters from many of CLAMP's other series.
TSUBASA: RESERVoir CHRoNiClE is currently at chaptire 122, and is still unfinished.
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