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1. The name of the instrument used to cool and/or clean a hot glass device. 2. The sound made when a glass device is used by the cooling and/or cleaning instrument was tsstts-sttsst
1. When handed the pipe, I couldn't see inside it because it was so dirty I needed a tsstts-sttsst to wipe the hot pipe clean first.
2. When I finished smoking the pipe I sat it on the tsstts-sttsst, making a sizzling sound, as it cooled the bowl and wiped it clean for the next hit.
3. The bowl of the pipe got really hot and i didn't want to burn the chemical of choice inside, so I used a tsstts-sttsst to stop that in its tracks.
4. The dealer asked his Sketchatary to get a tsstts-sttsst ready for the guests, "we don't want them to burn it again."
by Rev. Meerkat July 03, 2011
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