A game which is played over mobiles mostly. In which people ask each other questions like truth or dare but with no dares.
eg. Guy Texts Girl-"Lets play Truth or truth? :)"
Girl Texts Guy Back-"Yeahr Sure ^.^"
Guy Texts Girl Back-"Kay, You ask the questions first"
by D___D* August 17, 2008
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A game that you play with people over text instead of truth or dare. You ask someone Truth or deep truth? If they say truth you ask them something like their favorite color or favorite movie, things like that. But if they ask for a deep truth then you ask personal stuff like "Have you ever witnessed somebody you cared about die?"
Tyrone: Truth or deep truth?

Connor: Deep Truth

Tyrone: What's the worst thing you've ever done to somebody?
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the only appropriate response when some braindead dopefiend Down syndrome crackdumpster asshole slimebaby cumguzzling gutterslut AIDS infested afterbirth of a lesbian clusterfuck whines about "haters"
geez mang suh menny nigas b diccin a mafucka yo hataz gon hate

{rolls eyes} wigger you mean truth-tellas gon truth tell
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