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A term used to describe poor metropolitan neighborhoods that have undergone gentrification, thus turning them into "artsy", "hipster" neighborhoods for the younger generation to move into, causing increasing financial inflation.
Now that they've opened a few coffee houses in this neighborhood, its become a real Trustfundia.
by Ami Elizabeth Colon April 09, 2008
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a style of music, if not life, quite popular in williamsburg, brooklyn. it is characterized by going to expensive liberal arts colleges (eg Wesleyan) and then starting an eccentric band in nyc.

perhaps it was founded by the strokes, or sean lennon. who can say now?
did you hear about the trustfundia fest this weekend? vampire weekend is playing. i wish i could go, but i'm too poor and went to a state school, so they wont let me in. oof.
by peace and love douuchee April 06, 2008
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